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The stylish shoe polishing machine

The shoe polishers offered by Shoeguard come from the German brand Heute Maschinenfabrik. 

Heute Maschinenfabrik has more than 50 years of experience

in the manufacture of shoe shine machines and is therefore also an established value in many catering establishments  around the world.

These shoes polishers are of a high quality material and their upscale design.

In addition, Heute guarantees the availability of spare parts for 20 years.


cosmos heute shoe polisher
cireuse à chaussure polifix 4 DE de heute avec  lumiére led Heute

Shoe polisher around the world

Shoeguard focuses on the distribution of these shoe shine machine and sole cleaning  in the Benelux and France, Europe and International.

These shoe polishing machine and sole cleaning machine are  for domestic use, for restaurants, for hotels, for golfs, bakery. Our sole cleaning machine is for the  industry ( you must go to our B2B shop)


Shoeguard offers you a range of different models with a 2 to 3 year warranty  by Heute-Germany.

Shoeguard is the supplier of these shoe polish machines throughout the Benelux , France., Europe and we can assist you at the International 


Stylish shoe shine and more
Sole cleaning machine for industry

Shoeguard is also responsible for after-sales service and works as a team  with the company Heute on different projects in the industry such projects included:
La Lorraine Bakery Group & Umicore Group 
We offer a wide-range programme of cleaning equipment meeting specific requirements as  dry or wet cleaning.

Shine with a smile!

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