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cireuse à chiaussures politec polar de heute allemagne.

B Politec Polar

Shoe polisher  with extra large brushes  for entrance halls.

In high-traffic passages, this hard worker makes sure the dirt stays out. Firmly screwed to the wall, it is never confused and passes the test of robustness day after day.  Politec Polar for the outdoors.


  •  Specially designed for heavy duty use, e.g. construction / production industry
  • Also ideal for cleaning soles, thanks to the wide nylon brushes
  • Easy to remove mat to collect dirt and therefore ideal for the hygiene sector
  •   Wall installation protected against sabotage and vandalism – extremely robust and durable
  •   Ergonomic handle for greater stability and safety
  •   Sensor with timer


  • Technical details

    Dimensions: 66cm x 34cm x 114cm (B x T x H)
    Housing: Steel  (covered with RAL 9006 paint) metallic gray with 3 colors for the grab bar.
    Weight: 31 kg net, 35 kg gross

    1 Nylon pre-cleaning brush  ø 22 cm
    2 Polishing brushes ø 22 cm

    3 year warranty

    Starter: Sensory foot sensor with timer
    Feed: 230 Volt (110 Volt optional)
    Engine: 240 Watt / 750 R/min
  • The Politec Polar or Solar series

    The Politec series is designed for use in high traffic passageways. It includes two wall-mounted shoe polishers: Politec Solar, for indoors, and Politec Polar, for outdoors. No matter what you choose, the dirt will always stay outside!

    Both models have an ergonomic support bar helping the user to remain stable when cleaning their shoes. Extra wide brushes reliably free shoes from even stubborn dirt!

    Both variants have a honeycomb rubber mat with integrated scrapers, which ensures successful cleaning: dirt is removed quickly and efficiently

  • Delivery delay

    Delivery 7 to 21  days (*from the date of receipt of the bank transfer). These conditions are stated for information purposes only.

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